Technological installations

We offer comprehensive solutions in the production process that increase work efficiency and support the activity of companies. We specialize in installation and welding works. We provide installation of production and bottling lines as well as dosing systems.
Our offer includes orbital and TIG welding services, as well as tank welding. You can order from us the assembly of stainless steel installations and other technological systems within the EU.

Our technological installations are adapted to the needs of a particular production. We always put the requirements of the Investor in the first place. It ensures Customer’s satisfaction, which is our priority.

We provide a high quality of work, we constantly develop our competencies and skillfully select our employees. Reliability, commitment, and punctuality constitute the basis of our operations.

Innovative, properly tailored stainless steel technological installations which we offer will provide your company with numerous benefits. They will contribute to the comfort of the employees, which will directly convert into efficiency.
Greater production effectiveness is an opportunity for rapid growth. Make use of our services and find out that well-thought-out technological systems guarantee success.

Bottling lines

We offer comprehensive service, including the installation of bottling lines in various industrial sectors. We provide professional assistance in setting up, connecting, and configuring machines designed for pouring various types of liquids into cans, cartons, bottles, and casks (including KEG).

Furthermore, we assemble technological bottling lines with care, using our extensive knowledge and experience,
so you can be sure that all devices connected to a given production zone will work properly.



Food industry


Production of alcohol

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetics industry

Automation of production processes

We effectively optimize production processes and maximize enterprise profits.

Modernization of production lines

  • Replacement and repair of control systems and elements responsible for the propulsion of the whole production line.
  • Increasing the number of machines forming a production line, connecting new devices.
  • Repair and maintenance of elements which can be dangerous for employees, and modernization of older production machines.
  • Introduction of modern solutions which will improve the whole process and increase the efficiency of the machines.

Relocation of a production line

  • Efficient disassembly of production machines based on technical documentation.
  • Preparing machines for transport or relocation. Protecting machines from damage.
  • Leveling, connection, and start-up of devices. Technological assembly of a production line and necessary welding works.
  • Adapting machines to users and improving the efficiency of production processes.

Industrial pipelines

If you need help with industrial piping installation, you can count on us. We have the right equipment, knowledge, and skilled staff, making us suited ideally for such work. We operate in a variety of industries and offer the installation of entire pipelines with tanks and structures connected to them, designed for the flow of liquids.

Moreover, we work with technological systems for liquid substances and teletechnical systems. We carry out all orders with attention to detail, which guarantees your satisfaction with our services. We approach each Customer individually and take into account the specifics of the industry and the purpose of the pipelines installed. Our systems are safe, and they enable efficient work.

Assembly of industrial structures

As a professional company offering innovative technological installations increasing the efficiency of production processes, we deal with the assembly of various types of industrial structures. They are a crucial part of the workplace equipment, and they give the possibility to safely and efficiently perform the assigned tasks. Among others, we offer the installation of workstations, platforms, steps, and railings.

Our qualified and experienced staff are a guarantee of efficient execution of the order. We perform the assembly of industrial structures on the basis of modern solutions and in compliance with all standards.